AFS-TEX Dynamic Active Footrest

A design based on the research into the benefits of fidgeting, this active footrest is designed to be difficult!

It massages, rolls and wobbles underfoot, which means the user can sit without being sedentary. 

When not being moved, the Dynamic can be used to elevate the feet and rest the legs.

  • A design based on research into the benefits of fidgeting

  • It rolls and wobbles underfoot, which means you have to keep it under control.

  • This activity helps make the most out of sitting at work and at leisure.

  • Increases NEAT movements which can increase metabolism.

  • When the Dynamic isn't being used actively, you can use it like a traditional foot rest to elevate feet and rest the legs.

  • With gentle, controlled rolling, it will massage the soles of your feet.

  • The Dynamic Active Footrest allows you to sit without being sedentary.

  • Conscious and subconscious foot and leg movement increases your blood circulation when sitting, which may also increase your metabolic rate for an increase in calorie burn.

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