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Floortex Chair Mat Sizes

Choosing the right size chair mat

Floortex chair mats come in a wide range of sizes, combine the right size with your preferred shape to get the best fit.

To find the right size, simply determine the furthest points you roll your office chair and measure these - Floortex has a chair mat that will fit - from compact chair mats, extra large chair mats and every size in between.

Where to measure for a chair mat

120 x 90 Rectangular.jpg

Very simply, measure the width and length of the roll area. 

Every Floortex chair mat is available in a rectangular shape, sizes vary significantly, so there will be a size to fit your needs.

99 x 125 Contoured.jpg

Best for L-shaped or corner desks, measure your back and forth rolling area as the longest measurement. 

Contoured chair mats are found in the Advantagemat and Ultimat ranges.

89 x 119 Rect Lipped.jpg
Rectangular with lip

Measure areas shown to find the right size mat for your roll area, plus the lipped area to fit under your desk. 

Advantagemat, Anti-Static and Ultimat are all available as lipped chair mats.

150 x 300 Rectangular.jpg

Longest measurement will be a sideways roll to cover a long desk. Also useful to protect small rooms or reception areas. 

XXL Chair Mats are part of the Ultimat range, in rectangular and square shapes.

150 x  150 Square.jpg

A simple measurement of width and length.  Perfect for compact workstations, school desks and small desks.

The Advantagemat, Ultimat and Unomat ranges have square shape options.

60cm Dia ROUND.jpg

Measure the diameter of the area to be protected as shown to ensure a good fit.

Round chair mats are available in the Ultimat range, there is also a rounded 'half moon' shape available.

Workstation 81 x 120 x 150.jpg
Corner Workstation

Consider the back-and-forth movement of your chair, as well as a sideways roll area when moving around the desk.

Find this shape in the Advantagemat and Ultimat chair mat ranges.

9Mat 96 x 98.jpg

Measure your chair base, length and width of your roll area for a good fit. Consider the smaller edge measurements when fitting under desks. 

Best for for compact desk spaces. 

100 x 100 Sploshmat.jpg

Consider the furthest points when measuring length and width for a Sploshmat, as well as the 'cut out' areas.

Unique to Floortex, the Sploshmat for hard floors can also be used on tabletops.

What to measure

When measuring for a chair mat, it is important to consider: 

  •  the size of your chair base

  • Side to side movements along your desk

  • Back and forth movements when standing and sitting

  • The area under your desk where you rest your feet 

Chair roll area

Your roll area includes:

  • Sideways movements made when retrieving items from drawers and collaborating with colleagues,

  • Backwards and forward movements made standing, sitting and tucking the office chair under your desk.

  • The space under the desk where you rest your feet - a chair mat can also protect floors from dirt and damage caused by footwear. 


If you have any questions about Floortex Chair Mats or would like more information on how Floortex mats can improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Floortex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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