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Floortex Chair Mat Special Features

Additional features and options

Floortex manufactures chair mats with extra features and options which may suit some organisations and individuals. Whether you're looking for a chair mat that has a lower environmental impact, a chair mat with colour, anti-slip for increased stability, or added technology to reduce microbial growth or static electricity. 

Use the information below to learn more, or contact our friendly Customer Service Team on for more information and advice. 

Anti-Slip Backing

Anti-slip backing is added to a number of Floortex Chair Mats, to increase stability and safety. 


This additive makes the mats suitable for use even on highly polished floors, such as varnished wood, or ceramic tiles. 


It is also suitable for use on carpet tiles, or very low pile carpet, where normal carpet grippers are unable to penetrate.

Floortex anti slip will not discolour, leave a residue or mark floors.

Anti Slip

Chair Mats with Anti-Slip

  • Unomat

  • Evolutionmat

Available in a range of sizes

Rectangular and square shapes 

Anti Static Technology

Floortex anti-static chair mats protect your electrical equipment from a damaging build up of static and dust and helps to dissipate static electricity without the need for a ground cord. 

Office chair movement, particularly on carpeted floors, can cause static build up. Static electricity can be uncomfortable and when it builds up around electrical equipment such as computers, can cause damage.  

Electrical devices in a static area attract dust particles, which then gets into the equipment, such as computer cooling fans, causing damage.  The Anti-static technology in Floortex Anti-Static chair mats dissipates dust, keeping it away from equipment.  

Anti Static

Chair mats with anti-slip

  • Unomat

  • Evolutionmat

Anti-Static chair mats

  • Computex Anti-Static Advantagemat 

Available for carpet and hard floors

Available in a range of sizes

In rectangular and lipped shapes

Eco-Friendly Chair Mats

All Floortex manufactured chair mats are 100% recyclable for effective end-of-life reuse. The Ecotex range is made in a plant where 100% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources. The on-site wind turbine and a solar farm give the range a unique added eco-friendly quality.

The Ecotex Marlon BioPlus takes this a step further with climate neutral resin manufacture - a massive 100% reduction in carbon emissions.  All our Ecotex range is manufactured using a Mass Balancing bio-circular' production process that is certified by the ICSS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).


The Ecotex Marlon BioPlus mats can easily be recycled, without significant material  degradation, into other useful products at end-of life. 

We have run performance and technical tests to ensure that these eco-friendly chair mat meet our high standards of performance and provide excellent value.

Greenest Chair Mat

  • Ecotex Marlon BioPlus

Hard floor and carpet options available

Wide range of sizes

Eco Friendly

Anti-Microbial Technology

FSBio is an active ingredient that Floortex adds during the manufacture of some chair mats. FSBio controls microbial deterioration at the mat surface. 

Microbes can cause deterioration of the mat, odours, stains and cross-contamination. Floortex FS Bio anti-microbial technology is non-toxic, lasts for the lifetime of the mat and works 24/7/365. 

Tested in accordance with the International ISO 22196 standard, users can be assured their chair mat is continually protected with FSBio, as it will not wash off or wear away.

Anti Microbial

Anti-Microbial Chair Mats

  • Advantagemat Anti-Microbial

Hard floor and carpet options

Range of sizes

Free from Pthalates and other toxins

Printed and colour tinted mats

Colour Tinted and Printed Chair Mats

While the majority of Floortex chair mats are transparent, our research shows that many organisations and individuals enjoy using a chair mat with a bit more personality.

Beautiful as well as practical, the Colortex range of chair mats is made from digitally printed polycarbonate which is both durable and incredibly strong. There are a selection of vibrant images to choose from.

Coloured chair mat ranges Sploshmat and 9Mat combine single colour tints with unique shapes so the mat stands out.

Floortex recently introduced a popular range of matte black PVC chair mats for a smart interior design option. 

Colourful chair mats are particularly popular with start ups, home offices, schools, studios, students and agencies.  All Floortex colour chair mats are free from toxic chemicals. 

Colour Tinted and Printed

Colour and printed mats

  • Colortex Ultimat

       Choose from 6 designs


  • 9Mat
    Pink and blue options
    Hard floor and carpet options.

  • Sploshmat

      Red and blue colour options
      Hard floor and carpet options

  • Advantagemat Black
    Wide range of sizes available
    Hard floor and carpet options


If you have any questions about Floortex Chair Mats or would like more information on how Floortex mats can improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Floortex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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