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P-Tex Surface Protecting Pet Mats



In the

P-Tex mats protect floors, carpets and other valuable surfaces in the home
from damage caused by pets, their cages and messy feeding areas.

Cat eating on a P-TEX Pet Mat

Anti-microbial P-Tex mats are a clear winner when it comes to surface protection under food bowls.

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P-Tex is a range of surface protection mats for homes with pets. P-Tex mats are a simple way to keep floors and furniture free from dirt,  scratches and damage caused by pets, their food and habitats.

Each P-Tex mat is clear and smooth, and can be used in any interior setting without standing out. P-Tex mats protect even polished wood from damage, so your pets can be displayed on valuable furniture or floors without fear of damage.

The P-Tex mat range has many size options and a choice of rectangular or circular shapes.

The floor protection and general use P-Tex mats contain FS Bio anti-microbial technology. This means the mat is protected from harmful microbial damage. The mats are easy to wipe clean and are non-toxic and phthalate free. 

A must-have product for pet owners of all kinds, P-Tex mats keep homes and pet businesses clean and surfaces protected.

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If you are a pet products retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for P-Tex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email Sales Support

Under litter trays for anti-microbial protection
Under pet cages to protect furniture
Under food bowls to protect against
spillage and stains
Under tanks and fishbowls to protect against water damage 
Under dog crates to protect carpets and hard floors from damage
Under pet beds to prevent lingering odour

P-Tex Mats are recommended for homes,
vets, dog walkers, catteries and kennels

Dog Crate Mat

  • Prevents damage to floors and carpet

  • Durable barrier against scratches

  • Protects carpets from lingering odour

  • Protects wooden floors from dents

  • Adapts to different uses as puppy grows

  • Waterproof barrier - essential for puppy training

  • Clear and discreet

  • Easy to clean

P-Tex Dog Crate Mats are durable and tough.  Made from Polycarbonate (the same material used in aircraft windscreens), it acts as a virtually indestructible barrier to damage. 


Use a P-Tex Dog Crate Mat underneath the cage or dog crate to provide complete floor protection against damage caused by the crate moving or scratching floors or carpets. This mat will also protect floors from dirt, odour and moisture.

Additionally, the P-Tex Dog Crate Mat prevents damage to expensive carpets and floors from dogs' digging or scratching behaviour.

Available in two sizes, if your dog outgrows the need for a crate, you can continue to use the mat under bedding and feeding areas.

P-Tex Dog crate mat will not discolour, stain or curl and provides a complete moisture barrier. It is the perfect mat to use under puppy pads when house training a dog.

Non-toxic and phthalate free, this mat is very useful during puppy training. Easy to clean - simply wipe or mop.

Recommended for use in veterinary surgeries, dog kennels, for dog walkers and pet owners.

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Floor Protection Mat

  • Gripper back option for carpets

  • Smooth back option for hard floors

  • Prevents damage to floors

  • Protects against stains and spillage

  • Helps protects against lingering odour

  • Contains anti-microbial technology

  • Waterproof barrier 

  • Easy to clean

  • Clear and discreet

P-Tex Floor Protection Mats are a practical, low-cost solution to the damage pets can cause to carpets and floors throughout homes and pet-related businesses.

For hard floors, including polished wood, laminate and ceramic tiles, choose smooth back P-Tex floor mats. These pet mats protect and keep your floor free from damage and dirt. The backing is smooth, stable and will not mark or scratch your floor. 

To protect carpets from pets, choose a gripper-back P-Tex floor mat. The back of the mat has small spikes that grip carpet to stop it moving around during use. The mat acts as a complete barrier to keep carpets clean and free from damage and odour. 

To prevent that unpleasant 'dog smell' in your home, use a P-Tex Floor Protection Mat under pet beds to save your carpet from lingering odour and nesting behaviour - including scratching and scent marking.

P-Tex Floor Protection Mats contain FS Bio, an anti-microbial additive which is built in to the mat during manufacture. The anti-microbial technology inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on the mat surface and lasts the lifetime of the mat.

This range of pet mats offer total barrier protection so is the best mat to use under litter trays or puppy training pads. P-Tex mats are easy to clean - simply wipe or mop the mat as needed. 

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Furniture Protection Mats

  • Protects surfaces from damage

  • Contains anti-microbial technology

  • Waterproof barrier mat

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Choice of shapes

  • Non-toxic and phthalate free

  • Protects surfaces from dirt and spills

  • Protects furniture from scratches 

  • Protects fabric against odour

  • Easy to clean

  • Clear and unobtrusive

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P-Tex furniture protection mats offer affordable protection to all furniture surfaces - even polished wood - and are a practical answer to many pet owners' problems, 


With many applications for pets of every kind, P-Tex pet mats can be used under small pet cages, litter trays, food and water bowls, tanks or fishbowls to protect all kinds of surfaces from damage.

There is a wide range of sizes available - from full tabletop coverage to small fishbowl size, and everything in between.  

Whatever size you choose, the mats are clear, to ensure they are unobtrusive in your home.

Each mat has inbuilt anti-microbial  technology, to continuously protect the mat from microbial deterioration and are easy to clean.


Non-toxic and phthalate-free, P-Tex mats are ideal for use under pet food bowls, to protect furniture or floors from spillage, food stains and smells. 

As P-Tex mats offer total barrier protection, they are an excellent choice of protective mat to use under fish tanks to save furniture from pressure marks and water damage.

Use P-Tex mats to protect furniture from bad pet smells by placing under pet beds.

P-Tex mats offer clear barrier protection for floors and furniture 
in a wide range of sizes and a choice of shapes
Generic Feeding station.jpg
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All pet feeding station mats and general pet mats contain FS-Bio anti-microbial technology. This works constantly to protect the mat from microbial damage.

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Doormats for Dog Lovers

A warm welcome for homes with dogs, the P-Tex range of door mats is an attractive and functional way to protect the carpet and flooring in your home from wet paws and muddy boots after a dog walk.

The vinyl backing of these mats is non-slip and waterproof, to protect the floor underneath from moisture. The upper fibres are soft, absorbent and easy to clean.

The best welcome mat  for dog owners! Highly absorbent nylon fibres soak up moisture from paws and footwear, and the waterproof backing keeps floors clean. 

Use this door mat to clean dog paws and muddy shoes after a dog walk. This mat is also great for storing footwear, to keep dirt and moisture out of living areas. 

Glaciermat >
Polycarbonate Desk Mat> 
PVC Desk Mat >
Hall runner for
families with pets

This attractive runner is perfect for families with pets.  Featuring footprints and pawprints, it's an excellent door mat for wide porches or hallways, and is also suitable for use in the kitchen, utility area or boot room. 

The soft upper fibres absorb dust and moisture and the vinyl backing is waterproof to protect your carpet from rain, dirt and mud.


If you have any questions about P-Tex mats or would like more information on how P-Tex mats can help increase basket value at your pet shop, please get in touch. 

If you are a pet shop, pet product retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for P-Tex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email Sales Support

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