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  • How do I unroll my chair mat?
    Remove your mat from its outer packaging and and allow it to warm thoroughly at room temperature, or warmer, before unrolling. Ensure the textured surface of the chair mat is facing upwards. (grippers or the shiny surface should face down, depending on whether you have a carpet chair mat or a hard floor chair mat). Place flat weighted items such as books on to the corners of the mat and in the centre. You mar will gradually regain an retain its flat state. This could take up to 72 hours, depending on the environmental conditions. Once thoroughly warmed through, unroll the mat onto a totally flat and even floor. We recommend using two people to do this.
  • Which way up does my chair mat go?
    For hard floor chair mats, ensure the smoothest side is face down on the floor. The upper side is lightly textured. For carpet floor chair mats, the grippers must face the carpet, and the smoother side faces up.
  • How long does a chair mat take to unroll?
    Unpack your mat and leave for a minimum of 72 hours at room temperature. Depending on environmental temperature, it may take 72 hours for the mat to regain its natural flat format. The warmer the environment the quicker the mat will revert to its flat format and be ready for use.
  • Why do I need a chair mat?
    Floortex chairmats are a cost-effective way to protect your expensive floor coverings from loss of appearance, wear and damage. A Floortex chair mat will help to extend the life of your floors by spreading out the pressure from your chair casters. Using a chair mat gives a better rolling surface for your office chair, this may help to reduce fatigue, leg and back strain.
  • How do I choose a chair mat?
    We have designed a range of mats in a wide selection of shapes, backings and materials to suit your different requirements. Use our easy 'How to Choose A Chair Mat' Guide in the office products section of the Floortex website. Determine the maximum area that you need your chair to move and then pick the shape and size best suited to cover these dimensions. If you need a mat to go on a carpeted floor you will need to determine how thick your carpet is including any underlay / padding. This information is needed in order that you can select a mat that will perform best on your floor covering. The underside of our mats is either cleated for use on carpet or smooth for use on hard floors. We also have a range of polycarbonate mats with an anti-slip finish on the underside of the mat for use on highly polished or high gloss hard floors.
  • Where can I buy a Floortex chair mat?
    Visit the Stockists page to find out the recommended places to buy Floortex products.
  • Can I cut my chair mat to size?
    We would not recommend cutting your Floortex mat. Floortex mats are precision cut to size using specialist equipment. Cutting may damage your mat and could impair performance (as it may cause it to crack). Modifying a Floortex product in any way will also invalidate the guarantee. Cutting your mat is undertaken entirely at your own risk. Floortex does not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused while cutting its mats.
  • What is the difference between PVC and Polycarbonate chair mats?
    Polycarbonate chair mats are rigid, resilient mats, virtually unbreakable and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. Polycarbonate mats will offer exceptional clarity and will not curl, crack, dimple, smell or discolour in normal use. Chair mats manufactured from PVC (Polyvinylchloride) are softer and more pliable than Polycarbonate (PC) mats. PVC chair mats are an affordable, long-lasting option to protect your floors. PVC mats have a slightly cloudy appearance and are not suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  • Do any Floortex Chair Mats have a bevelled edge?
    Floortex Megamat Chair Mat does have a bevelled edge. Megamat is manufactured from a much thicker polycarbonate material than our standard Chair Mats. A bevelled edge is applied to the Megamat to ensure that chair users can roll on and off the mat with ease. All other Floortex Chair Mats do not have a bevelled edge. Our material formulations are designed for strength and durability and have a thinner profile, which means there is no need for a bevelled edge on a standard Floortex chair mat.
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