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Desktex Desk Mats



Protect expensive desk surfaces from damage with a mat from the Desktex range.
Desk mats specifically designed to keep desks clean, tidy and more organised. 

Desktex mat on desk

Desk mats help keep desks clean, organised and protected.

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Glass Desk Mats

  • Tempered glass for strength

  • Incredibly durable 

  • Crystal clear glass

  • Cool, smooth surface

  • High-end design

  • Non slip feet for stability

  • Barrier protection against damage

  • Easy to clean 

  • Choice of sizes available

Polycarbonate Desk Mats

  • Super-strong polycarbonate

  • Hard-wearing and durable

  • Lays perfectly flat 

  • Heat-resistant up to 100°c (212°F)

  • Lightly embossed top surface

  • Comfortable writing surface

  • Placemat and full desk covers

  • Easy to clean

  • Wide range of sizes available 

PVC Desk Mats

  • Entry level protection

  • Lightly embossed surface

  • Anti-static mat option

  • Anti-microbial mat option

  • Heat-resistant up to 40°c (104°F)

  • Phthalate-free and free from toxins

  • Protects desk from damage

  • Easy to clean

  • Variety of sizes and colours available

  • Delivered flat or rolled

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Polycarbonate Desk Mat> 
PVC Desk Mat >

Top of the range glass desk mat with a crystal clear finish, made from tempered glass for safety. This mat offers the very best in quality desk protection, and a cool, smooth working surface.  Non-slip feet keep the mat in place and its cool surface protects desks from scratches and spills.  

Durable polycarbonate desk mats offer superior protection against dents, spills, damage and heat. The lightly embossed top provides a comfortable writing surface as well as providing an easy-glide surface for the computer mouse. Polycarbonate will not dent, curl, discolour or smell. 

Excellent entry-level desk protection, delivered flat or rolled and offer a smooth textured surface for user comfort, excellent desk surface protection, while ensuring the computer mouse moves quickly and easily.  All Floortex PVC desk mats are non-toxic and phthalate free. 

Anti-Static Desk Mat >
Anti-Microbial Desk Mat >
Black PVC Desk Mat >

Constant movement around electrical devices including computers and medical equipment causes a build up of static and dust that can damage the machines. 


Floortex anti-static desk mats provide total static protection, dissipates static electricity and attracts dust away from valuable equipment to prevent damage.

Office desks have been found to harbour 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat!* 


Floortex has developed a desk mat with FSBio anti-microbial technology built in. This anti-microbial additive helps fight against the growth of harmful microbes on the mat surface.

New to the Floortex PVC desk mat range, opaque black desk mats give a smart, classic look to office interiors.

Floortex black PVC is phthalate-free and non-toxic and provides a lightly embossed surface for easy mouse movement and a comfortable working surface.  Available now in a range of sizes.

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Desktex Desk Mats  are designed to help keep workspaces in offices, schools, reception areas and shared kitchens clean, protected and organised.

Better desk protection

Deskmats from Floortex protect expensive desk surfaces from damage, and they can save a company money in the long term, by reducing the need to update or fix damaged office furniture as often.

Improve desk cleanliness

It is ​reported that over two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to unclean desks*.  A desk mat is easy to wipe clean, as well we to remove and clean thoroughly.

With the rise of office workers eating lunch  'al desko' (at the desk), using a Desktex desk mat is even more important, to keep the desk surface clean and protected from spills. The range also includes an anti-microbial option, which can help protect the mat surface further from microbial deterioration.

Using a desk mat provides a barrier to help ensure that any dirt or damage is confined to the mat, which helps stop it spreading.

Although designed as a desk protecting office product, Desktex mats have a number of uses in other workplace environments and in the home.  As the mats are transparent, they fit in with any interior design style. 

For areas where tabletop spillage can be a problem, a large surface covering desk mat can provides an excellent solution. 

We recommend these mats for educational settings, as 'messy play' mats for playgroups,  or in art rooms and studios.

The mats can also be used in communal office kitchens, under coffee machines, and at reception desks and counters. 

To to find out more about the Desktex range, the mat sizes and our mat recommendations for your organisation, please get in touch with our customer services team.

If you would like to purchase a mat from the Desktex range, please visit our Stockists page for details of where to buy. 

To order Desktex mats for wholesale or supply, please contact Sales Support.

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Desktex Anti-Microbial Desk Mat on a desk

Floortex offers an unbeatable range of desk mats made from glass, polycarbonate and PVC, including anti-microbial and black PVC. 

All Polycarbonate and PVC desk mats in the Desktex range are fully recyclable and are manufactured in our facility where 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources.

Contact our sales team to find out more about Desktex desk mats.


If you have any questions about the Desktex range of mats, or would like more information on how Desktex mats can help your business, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Desktex mats, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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