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Hometex Protective Mats for Domestic Use


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Kitchen Mats

A range of practical surface protection mats for every stage of  family life.

Hometex mats protect tabletops, work surfaces and floors around the home. 

Kitchen Mats

Use Hometex Biosafe Mats around the kitchen and dining areas of your home to protect tabletops and work surfaces.


The barrier protection of Hometex Biosafe mats prevents damage from spills, stains, scuffs and scratches.

Clear and unobtrusive, you can use these clear table protector mats directly on the table, or under a tablecloth.

Hometex Protective Mat Range

A range of sizes are available, from place mat size for individual diners, through to full table coverage. 

Strong & Durable
Made from a unique formula PVC with added FS Bio ingredient. Hometex Biosafe Mats are made to last and provide surface protection as your family grows - from weaning babies through to nail-painting teens.

Clear & Clean

The clarity of Floortex PVC means Hometex Biosafe mats do not look intrusive on the tabletop, so you can leave the mat in place when dinner is cleared away.


Hometex Biosafe mats offer peace of mind that your tabletops are well protected from scratches, stains, spillages, scuffs, and damaging microbes on the mat surface.

Contains up to 25% recycled material
and is fully recyclable after use.

Hometex Biosafe

This range of surface protector mats are designed for use in domestic settings. Each mat contains FS Bio, an anti-microbial technology that controls microbial deterioration at the mat surface. 

The FS Bio additive is added during the manufacture of Hometex Biosafe mats. It will not wash off or wear away and lasts the lifetime of the product. 

Bathroom Mats

Bathroom Mats

Made to perfectly fit a standard domestic toilet, this durable anti-microbial Bathroom Mat offers barrier protection against spillage, dirt and damage to floors.

Also available in a set which includes a bath mat, Hometex Biosafe Bathroom mats keep your bathroom floors clean and tidy, without looking obtrusive.  Use on their own or use under traditional bathroom mats.

Made from Floortex PVC, this mat will not curl or discolour under normal use. Easy to clean - simply wipe or mop.

Doormats and Entrance Mats

Protect valuable wooden floors and expensive carpets against dirt and moisture from footwear, with Doortex entrance mats.


Absorbent fibres on the mat's upper surface scrape shoes and absorb rain and moisture from footwear. The mat backing is anti slip and waterproof for stability and to ensure carpet and flooring underneath stays dry and protected from damage.  

Door Mats & Entrance Mats
Design your own doormat

Create a first impression that lasts with a Logotex Lite printed indoor entrance mat. This excellent value option is  available in a range of sizes and has an absorbent nylon top and a thick rubber backing for stability. 

Easily customise Logotex Lite mats with your own artwork, choosing from a wide range of mat sizes and a selecting up to 20 colours from a choice of 44 possibilities.

We will print your mat to a high standard and deliver it for free. 

Desgn Your Own Door Mat
Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

When household activities such as ironing or washing up mean you need to stand for longer periods of time, you can improve comfort and relieve fatigue with an AFS-TEX 3000x mat, designed for use in the home and office. 

Its soft woven cover and padded surface is warm underfoot, and the mat is supportive and supremely comfortable, even during long periods of use. 


The surface features encourage small movements for additional fatigue relief and massage bare feet as you move. 

Easy to wipe clean, with beveled edges and anti-slip base for stability and safety.  

Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

If you have any questions about Hometex Biosafe mats and any other Floortex mats for domestic use, please get in touch. 

Retailers, suppliers and distributors interested in wholesale opportunities for Hometex products: please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at 

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